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One Line Pitch: Bondurant Technologies Intl. are makers of the first residential/commercial, Intelligent, point-of-entry drinking water purification systems with water alert technology that detects contaminants in drinking water and reports to the cloud and can run on standard electric or solar power.

Business Summary: Bondurant Technologies International is a Georgia-based drinking water research and products company started in 2016 by producing residential water purifiers that run on solar/ac/dc.

In 2020, we introduced our first product, a SMART whole house water purifier designed to turn fresh water into safe drinking water, while streaming data on water quality to the cloud.

In 2021, we became the first manufacturer in the world to release water purification technology employing low energy sensors managed by machine learning that reports over 24 dimensions of data on water quality and microclimates to the cloud. We currently have installed 7 units in various locations in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Management: Co-founders Nimon Bondurant, Richard King and Gregory Flickinger have a synergistic combination of skills. Nimon is a “Tinkerer” with over 35 years’ experience bring new technology to market and continues to be the guiding force behind the development team. Greg brings over 20 years of high level, entrepreneurial, R&D, Engineering experience, Richard has over 27 years in the CPG industry, supply, and engineering experience. Together they continue to effectively innovate Bondurant Technologies International

Customer Problem: whether it is here in the United States or globally we have a serious water problem the crisis is not about having too little water, the crisis is about managing the water we have, and ensuring the water we drink and wash with is safe and clean. Right now, for most of the world, it is not.

Product/Services: Bondurant offers residential and commercial purifiers that remove microbes, chemicals, heavy metals, hardness, color, odor, and flavor from drinking water. In addition, our employ low energy, low-cost sensors that produce, analytical data that shows water consumption patterns and water quality in real time.

Target Market: Global water stressed locations, from storm ravaged Caribbean to the poisoned and polluted surface waters of Africa, and beyond. The global water purifier market whose size was $27.5 billion in 2020 and projected to grow to $47.5 billion in 2028 (7.2% CAGR). Big Data market revenues for software and services are projected to increase from $42B in 2018 to $103B in 2027 (CAGR) of 10.48%.

Customers: Current customers:
Various: residential, commercial, governmental, and educational Institutions in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Sales/Marketing Strategy: when intend to establish a strong presence in a geographic region that has serious water issues and can also afford our technology. We will demonstrate our capabilities to the population, show them how we can solve their safe drinking water issues and then, virally promote our capabilities and technology. In addition, google AdWords and online ads will be used to drive prospects to b2b and b2C websites where customers can pre-order or find a local distributer.

Company profile:
Industry: Water Purification
Employees: 3
Founded: July 2016
Nimon Bondurant
P: 470.385.7188
Financial information:
Funding Stage: Series A
Previous Capital: $450,000
Monthly Burn Rate: $8,000
Pre-Money Valuation: $5,820,000
Capital Seeking: $500,000 – 2MM
Richard King, co-founder
Tyson Bondurant, co-founder
Lawyer: Charlena Thorpe
Greg Flickinger
J’on Simpson
Friends and Family
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Richard King

Business Model: Bondurant will generate revenue in up to 6 different ways:

  • Intelligent hardware – Enables entry to wide ranging markets and geographies and opens channels to a number of additional revenue streams
  • Regional Partnerships – Strategically opens markets and enables rapid scaling and access to “bolt on” revenue streams anchored in data acquisition and analytics.
  • Monthly system monitoring contracts – Consistent revenue stream that provides “white glove” service our customers
  • Data sales – Component of scaling revenue. Leverages existing units and previously deployed capital to generate additional high margin revenue. The revenue stream will grow rapidly as units are deployed with the benefit of requiring very low labor, capital and overhead.
  • Replacement parts – Margin generated through providing quality OEM basics like routine filter replacement, etc.… There is very limited preventative maintenance required, so this will be a very small component of revenue, but an important piece of consumer trust and company market perception.
  • Government Contracts – provides long term contracts and constant cash flow with healthy margins

Competitors: While Bondurant is the only company to offer real-time, whole house, water purification with water quality alert technology that reports to the cloud, our basic function of purifying water is a very crowded field, most of which focus on industrial, emergency or point-of-use purification. They include U.S. Water Systems, Axeon, Culligan and Pentair.

Competitive Advantage: Bondurant intends to exploit its first to market Machine Learning (ML) water purification and water quality monitoring technology. ML is viewed as disruptive technology and NO competitors provide this solution embedded in their products. ML gives Bondurant a distinct advantage, delivering in-depth insight into the water, climate, and efficiency directly to our customers.

Our ML’s ability to track patterns, helps us to prioritize and optimize replacement and repair schedules and to generate Predictive Maintenance to identify and prevent infrastructure and equipment failures before they occur.

Our   Binary Star   technology is likewise first to market, employing our multispectral water quality analyzer, this device gives any home/business owner, real-time readings on water quality in real-time so that they will know instantly the water they drink is safe.

BTII, Inc.
1415 Hwy 85 N.
Suite 310-285
Fayetteville, GA
United States
Projected Financials* ($)2022202320242025
*In Thousands (000) in USD – US Dollar – 5,379,962.5