Caripur H2O world’s first intelligent, cistern drinking water Filtration platform with water quality analysis. This system removes bacteria & viruses and provides pure drinking water.

Caripur H2O removes

  • Pharmaceuticals

Caripur® Lux filtration system is eco-friendly, virtually maintenance-free, and provides you with peace of mind knowing that the water in your home is clean, safe, and fresh. Whether your water comes from a city or well-water source, this system is compatible with any home. Our systems provide purified drinking water free of chemicals, heavy metals, and microbes. The devices automatically remove hardness, protecting your skin, water heating systems, household appliances, and plumbing against limescale and other undesirable substances. Our systems are intelligent, self-monitoring, self-cleaning, and provide real-time readings on water quality, with the ability to detect the presence of microbes, microorganisms, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and organics.


  • Core Technology: Our technology removes microbes, chemicals, heavy metals, hardness, and sediment from your water before it reaches your plumbing, your fixtures, and your water heater. New connections and repairs to the public pipe network can send sand, rust, and microbes to your home and into your plumbing. These impurities can cause damage to your pipework, lead to damaged household appliances, and even make you sick. Such contaminants are also an ideal source of nutrients for pathogens and microbes, which compromise drinking water hygiene.
  • Soft to the Touch: Our built-in water softening technology transforms the ordinary into something deliciously extraordinary by removing hardness from the water. It will invigorate your showers and make your bath a magical experience as you slip into the softened water, creating luxuriously rich lathers and suds to slide off the skin. No more residue after showers, and even towels and clothing feel better on the skin.
  • A Matter of Taste: Depending on where you live, your water may contain a greater or lesser concentration of undesirable substances, e.g., excessive levels of calcium and heavy metals such as lead, copper, and chlorine, which impair the taste and smell of the water. Our systems contain a broad-spectrum particle adsorber that ensures a mouth-watering taste experience, whether you’re merely quenching your thirst with plain water or making a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Smart Technology: Our purifiers are the only drinking water purifiers in the world that have real-time multispectral water quality monitoring (Binary Star), which can instantly detect and warn you of water quality issues before you brew a cup of coffee, fill a pitcher of water, or even brush your teeth. Our phone app provides water quality readings, water usage, and the pH of your water. You will be alerted if anything is detected that will compromise the quality and safety of your drinking water.
  • Perfect Heating Water: Bondurant Technologies International Inc. products work seamlessly together, so the filling and top-up water for your heating system is demineralized or softened, and therefore optimally treated, without using chemical additives. This prevents a build-up of limescale, sludge, gases, and corrosion, while also adhering to the heating manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty conditions.

Customer questions & answers

Customer's Recent Questions & Answers

How much does the Caripur (whole house water filter) cost?

Depending on the type of unit, the required amount of water, the amount of power supply, and additional features, the price can vary. Please contact us directly for pricing.

What are the units made of?

The units reside inside of custom-formed, high-strength Stainless Steel cases, which are engineered to protect the components from the harshest conditions. The units are specially designed and manufactured to work outdoors and under harsh weather conditions. However, some form of protection (a roof or indoor installation, or a storage facility) can extend the life of the unit.